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Musician / Photographer / Recording Studio Manager / Artist Liaison

Born: Toronto, Ontario, Canada - - -


9 Following a barrage of touring across Canada as a solo singer/songwriter from 2006-2009, Musician, Josh Gabriel took an "official" break from the road and settled back down at his home in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

8 Over the four years since then Josh has been on stage only a handful of times as a solo singer/songwriter. Focused primarily on creating an environment for his fellow musicians to play in, Josh has kept his own material out of the public eye.

8 More often these days, Josh has steadily been increasing his roles in other musician's arrangements; adding vocal harmonies, mandolin & guitar accompaniments & the odd bit of percussion to a wide, eclectic group of projects.


8Studio Mgr/Artist Liaison Josh Gabriel- The Face at the forefront of the recently "officially opened" (Sept. 2012) Turtleshell Studio.

Turtleshell Studio is the baby of Josh's good friend Phil who tactfully constructed each nook and cranny of the facility, while utilizing Josh and the strong diverse skill set of head producer/engineer: Jake Janzen to build what has now become one of the most appreciated and sought after recording studios in Southern Ontario.

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Or Just Simply Click: www.Turtleshellstudio.com

3 (2010) Not to be kept off stage for long, a concept band was formed (or re-formed as the story goes) with a number of the musicians who had been part of the early Turtleshell Studio community. "Spank!! (Do it! Do it!)" features Josh as "Shpanke Doit", the flamboyant and energetic lead singer of an 8-10 piece Pure Disco Tribute Ensemble.


8 Taking on a life of it's own, Spank!! would play more than a dozen shows between 2011 and 2012 highlighted by what is noted now as Josh's most exciting show to date, Spank!! finished 2012 with a bang! Josh (Shpanke) was found marching through the streets of Guelph, at the front of the line with his band on a float behind him, leading the 2012 Guelph Santa Clause Parade.


daf In 2009 Josh had the opportunity to play at his favorite music festival. The Hillside Festival in Guelph, Ontario is put on every year over the last weekend in July.

8 In the three years previous to this appearance, Josh had the privilege of being one of the lead photographers on the island. During his 2009 Lake Stage performance, Josh was accompanied on stage by friend's and members of local rock group: The Speakeasies.

8 At the time, though there was one more scheduled tour following the festival; Hillside would end up being the final show of 2009 for Josh, completing what was nearly two straight years on the road promoting the 2008 release of his sophomoric album "Beyond The Stars".

4 Beyond The Stars 2008

74 Photographer: Officially launching in 2008: Josh Gabriel Photography, had been a passion of Josh's for many years.

8 While strongly engaged to numerous musical projects, Photography has been the most prominent "day job" for Josh over the previous six or seven years, in a number of different ways.


8 Besides having spent the better part of five years in the retail end of taking photos, Josh has constantly found himself behind the lens; in front of a stage, snapping still shots of his musical colleagues.

8 Published more than a few dozen times on both Online media as well as in Print; It is his Photography work with musicians' specifically that often gets much attention when sent out into the viral world.

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05 Currently Josh is volunteering some time out in the local scene with a new music Online/Print medium entitled: Velvet Rope Magazine. Continuously feeding photos to a multitude of Turtleshell Studio web pages and still incredibly dedicated to his own work, Josh Gabriel Photography is a very busy ongoing project. The Most Up To Date information can be found on the Official Josh Gabriel Photography Facebook Page.



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The Musical Road To The Present:

img88 (2000 - 2008) By the flip of the century, Josh was involved in a number of bands. Often keeping a hold of his traditional acoustic guitars, while strumming bar chords over heavy electric riffs and the crashing of flagrantly hit symbols.

img89 By 2001 the days of Josh thrashing his long hair around were a thing of the past. Previous bands "S.F.D.", "Wait 'til Tuesday", and "The Bell Hops" were officially put to rest as Josh's time became more sparse while his father fought and lost, a year and a half battle with Cancer.

img99Heartbroken from a faltered relationship and incredibly grief stricken, Josh found himself consumed in the roots of the music his father had instilled in him as a child. Writing original lyrics and music throughout his teenage years that would often turn into funk/rock songs, Josh began his career as a solo folk styled singer/songwriter officially in early 2002.


05 2003, Josh got just the push he needed when good friend and brilliant musical mind Jeremy Rice came onto the scene. The two friends had been gigging together for a year and Jeremy wasn't about to let Josh push his material to the back burner any longer. With no money but a solid direction, the first official Josh Gabriel record was ready to be released.

05 "Sunday Night & Monday Morn" (Josh's first official solo record) included 11 original tracks recorded in a small bedroom overlooking Woodbine Ave. in Toronto 's East end. The disc was released independently on April 11th, 2003 with a sold out show at the now closed Mackie's Taigh Osda.

Album Sunday Night & Monday Morn.


img22 2004- Penning nearly two hundred miscellaneous new tunes between the start of 2000 & 2004, Josh sought out producer and Maple Blues Award winner Shane Scott (Stone Pillar Productions) to begin recording his second record. This would be Josh's first official in studio full length disc and would be tracked over the next three years at Bassline Studio in Scarborough, ON.

03 At the end of 2004 Josh packed up and left his hometown of Toronto, moving down the highway to a cozy little city known as Guelph, Ontario. Throughout 2005 Josh continued to work on the yet to be released disc in the Scarborough based studio, while hitting multiple venues throughout Ontario to test the material with live audiences.

02In 2006 Josh embarked on his first of what was to be many solo east coast tours. Beginning in Toronto, Ontario and ending officially in Peterborough, Ontario; after returning from more than a dozen stops between Quebec City, PQ. and St. John's, Newfoundland.

01By 2007 traveling across the country was a normal occurrence. While preparing for another East Coast Canadian Tour with Guelph local musician Tim Tibbitts; Several demos from the Bassline Studio Recordings had found their way onto discs as EP Singles. "Sunday Night & Monday Morn. Revisited", "This Ain't A Punch Line", "Soul Tune" and "Kick Her Ass" all became easy collectors items at shows with their oversize photo sleeves courtesy Josh's Photography and vinyl replica cd inserts containing A/B sides of new JG unheard material.

00In early 2008 Josh quit his day job at as a photography retailer. He organized his first Gallery showing to launch Officially both Josh Gabriel Photography and to showcase the release of the new long anticipated sophomoric solo effort "Beyond The Stars".

img74 2008 Cross America / Cross Canada Tour... and the story begins.....